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LawTendo is India’s leading legal advice and lawyer search platform! We are a curated online marketplace that connects our network of high-quality lawyers with business clients. We provide a one-stop platform to ask, answer, discuss legal questions, and from time to time, we even post legal updates and news for those of you who can’t get enough of law-related newsbytes!
No, LawTendo is not a law firm. We are a neutral and transparent legal tech platform that connects our network of high-quality lawyers with business clients. LawTendo does not entertain and take up any client matter directly.
By using LawTendo, the lawyers on our platform also do not advertise nor solicit business from potential clients. In fact, what is unique about LawTendo is that clients themselves post their queries or come with their cases on our platform looking for lawyers. Ultimately, the client determines who he/she wishes to engage as his/her lawyer.
Our registered lawyers get exclusive access to queries or cases posted on LawTendo by members of the public. Through LawTendo, this may even lead to a formal engagement with the client! Registered lawyers also get to answer questions posed by members of the public to gain ratings and reviews. If you are a registered lawyer, you can be sure to get more exposure through LawTendo than if you choose to remain anonymous. If you are not registered with us, you may only access the free content offered by our platform, such as some of our legal news and updates. You will not be able to search for potential clients, be engaged through the client users on our website.
If you are a practicing lawyer and are currently registered with the Bar Council of India, you are eligible to sign up. To sign up, you need to fill in the form on this page and list one or more of the following practice areas on your LawTendo profile: - Arbitration - Cheque Bounce - Consumer Court - Trademark & Copyright - Criminal - Customs & Central Excise - Cyber Crime - Divorce - Documentation - Family - Immigration - Insurance - Startup - International Law - Labour & Service - Landlord/Tenant - Medical Negligence - Motor Accident - Property - R.T.I - Recovery - Tax - Wills / Trusts - Corporate - Child Custody - Muslim Law - Armed Forces Tribunal - Supreme Court - Civil - Banking / Finance - GST
1. To sign up, you need to fill in the form available at this page.
2. Provide the requisite details to the best of your knowledge.
3. Wait for profile activation after you submit the complete form.
If you don't see your profile on LawTendo, make sure your name is spelled correctly. If you are still unable to locate your profile, it is quite possible that your profile is under moderation by LawTendo Team of Experts.