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Lawyers for Marriage Registration in India

The modern world has brought many positive changes in our society; most celebrated one is where more and more people are doing away with the religion/ caste barrier and performing intercaste marriages. Laws in India are stringent when it comes to marriage and other similar matters so to avoid any problems that might occur in future such as deciding the validity of marriage, legitimacy of children, divorce, maintenance or disposal of property issues due to lack of valid proof of marriage, improper registration or not registration of marriage. As of now there are no specific laws in India identifying for compulsory registration of a marriage. It has been highly recommended by the law commission for mandatory registration of marriages....

Top-Rated Marriage Registration Lawyers in India
There has been reported many cases in the past where gullible girl has been victim of fake marriage and sadly with no proof of marriage being solemnized due to non-registration of marriage proper remedies were not available. Registration of marriage is never easy in a country like India with so many religions and different laws applying to them, also when it comes to visiting a government official for some work can’t expect that to happen anytime soon. In respect where bride and groom both belongs to Hindu, Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists community are governed by Hindu marriage act 1955.  Where the spouses belong to different religion as seen in many cases including for court marriages are registered under special marriage act 1954. This act is liberal with regard to caste, creed, religion and even nationality of people. Under this act the rituals and customs are done away and couple can directly approach the marriage registrar for performance and registration of marriage. The process of registration of marriage comprises of firstly filing an application with the marriage registrar, secondly you need to have all the necessary documents such as-application signed by both husband and wife, evidence of date of birth of the parties, address proof of the parties, affidavit by both the parties relating place & date of marriage etc.

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