Is Tenant-Owner Co-stay In The Same Apartment Illegal OR Society Can Restrict It?

Is Tenant-Owner co-stay in the same apartment illegal OR society can restrict it?

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Posted by: Vaibhav

Posted on: 2022-12-18

It is not illegal and society cannot restrict it. Hope this solves your query.

Tenant-owner can co-stay, the society can not restrict you in terms of whom the owner should co-stay with, as long as the residence of tenant-owner co-staying does not create any inconvenience or disturbance to the neighbour or the society.

it is not illegal as it totally depends on the understanding between the tenant and the owner.

It is not illegal.

depends on your understandings and agreement, you both can co-stay as along as there would not be any misunderstandings between you two.

In India, there are no specific laws that prohibit tenant-owner co-stay in the same apartment. However, it is possible for housing societies or apartment complexes to have their own rules and regulations that restrict such arrangements. Therefore, whether or not a tenant-owner co-stay is allowed may depend on the specific society or apartment complex in question. Some societies or complexes may have rules that prohibit or restrict tenant-owner co-stay, while others may allow it. It is important to check with the specific society or apartment complex where you are interested in living to understand their rules and regulations regarding tenant-owner co-stay. It is also advisable to consult with a local lawyer who can provide you with legal advice on this matter.

I think your question is whether they can live in same apartment of the society. If this is your query, then yes, you can co share apartment without any problem. owner of the apartment and rent out particular space if he wishes to. I strongly advice to execute a rent agreement with clear area to be rented.

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