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Lawyers for Criminal Law in Delhi

The two major branches of law include civil law and criminal law. The significant difference between the two lies in the fact that in civil law, damages are compensatory( monetary damages) while in criminal law, punishment is inflicted upon the offender. Under civil law, offence is committed against individual(s)  however under criminal law, the offence committed is against the public at large.

What the law says

Crimes are usually against the state and have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The delhin Penal Code describes various offences and their punishment like murder, rape, sedition, causing hurt, etc. Simultaneously, The Code of Criminal Procedure is the procedural law for criminal law, which guides working of criminal courts, contains provisions for bail,the power of police officers, magistrates, etc.

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Victims of criminal law

The victims under criminal law suffer from grievous hurt, both emotionally and physically. In certain cases, such offences lead to death of the victims. Since the crimes such as rape, sexual assault, murder, abduction, waging of war, etc are against humanity, they are considered as public wrong and therefore have to proved without a reasonable doubt.

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A criminal lawyer can understand the laws and regulations which apply to your case. He swears on the famous saying, “justice delayed is justice denied”. He can represent the victim and compete to get the justice which the victim deserves.

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