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The two major branches of law include civil law and criminal law. The significant difference between the two lies in the fact that in civil law, damages are compensatory( monetary damages) while in criminal law, punishment is inflicted upon the offender.

What the law says

Civil law is a vast field of law that broadly contains in itself: contract law, family law, personal laws, divorce and marriage, property law, company law, sports law, tax law, consumer law, etc. Each of these fields of law is governed by a particular piece of legislature in the form of Acts. Besides these, the Code of Civil Procedure is the procedural law that governs the functioning of civil courts. The hierarchy of courts goes from Supreme Court to high courts to district courts and then lower courts which include small causes courts and munsif’s courts. Under civil law, the aggrieved is compensated in the form of monetary damages.

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Victims of civil law

Under civil law, the victim can be either of the parties, depending upon the circumstances. If the employer fails to pay the employee, then the employee is the victim and can file a suit for recovery of dues. However, if the employee submits false credentials or causes unlawful discipline, the employer can file a suit against him. There can be instances where both the parties mutually file a petition in civil court, for e.g. joint petition for mutual divorce.

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